Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy or Lazy?

I've been told by numerous people that I need to blog so here it goes... LOL you asked for it!

Life has been crazy over the past few weeks... lots of emotions, sickness, fun times, blessings galore, etc. If I go into detail about everything you'll be reading for days so I'll do my best to sum everything up.

I have been terribly discouraged and at the same time extrememly encouraged and sometimes both in the same day! LOL I have been discouraged about the 2/3 ministry over the past few weeks... I couldn't recruit any help, we had to switch rooms again, when I taught it was like mass chaos, etc... I just wanted to quit. At the same time, Mike was stressed out about the older Children's Church ministry... the organization, the materials, teachers, etc... To me... I thought the older kids were in great hands, had so much potential, and just needed a bit of re-grouping after the step down of the Children's Coordinator. My mind began racing with ideas but I felt like my hands were tied with the younger kids and I didn't want to take on more than I could handle.

So I began thinking and praying and pretty soon... I came up with what I thought would be a great answer to prayer for all of us. I would ask one of my current teachers to step up and take over coordinating the little ones and I would move up into the role of the older children. PTL she agreed! So I thought... whew all taken care of. I should've known better than that.

I met with Map on Sunday to go over a few things and WOW... I was so encouraged by our 5 minute talk! See our children's ministries all kinda run on their own. Everybody does their own thing and it doesn't really seem to flow very well... a lot of repetition between ministries. Anyway... she and I talked about how we wanted to sit down with everyone and get everyone on the same page and make these ministries flow and be more effective! So not only is she going to help me organize the little children... she's going to work alongside me to kinda re-vamp the children's ministries so that it's more effective in teaching our children about God and drawing them closer to Him. I am SO pumped about what's going to happen. She's also going to do a mini-seminar in 'storytelling to little children' that I think will benefit so many of our current teachers... including me. There's so much more to write but this is it in a nutshell... and the best thing is that this will lighten Mike's load so he can focus on some other areas that he's feels a bit stronger and more confident in!

I've been teaching the Sr. High girls Sunday School class and again I was discouraged. We've had some good discussion but I was beginning to question why I was trying to teach them the Bible (like an overview of the books) when they didn't seem very interested in it. I felt like maybe I should focus more on topics that related to them now and so a few times we would pick out something specific (in the book we were discussing) and focus on that but they knew all the right answers. That's not what I was looking for... I wanted honesty, discussion, I wanted them to know I'll love them no matter what and I wanted to help them to love God more. And then we hit Isaiah and BAM... they totally opened up. We discussed why they struggle reading the Bible, why they have a hard time trusting God, why going to a Christian school can put a damper on the Bible, etc... it was amazing. I was so blessed by their honesty. I challenged them in a few ways and I'm anxious to hear how their week was. My only prayer is that they'll continue to be honest and willing to discover God in new ways.

I spent a week sick... sinus infection. Nothing major but I was really uncomfortable and tired... things you never want to be as a SAHM. I managed to get out one day with Adelina and Kalya and that was wonderful but poor Isabella. I'm sure she's very thankful that I'm feeling better. LOL

As I already mentioned, we spent a day with Adelina and Kalya exploring a new park. It was a beautiful park with lots of playgrounds and the girls just had a blast climbing everywhere. The bus ride was about 45 minutes long and it was great because it gave us tons of time to chat. This was the first time that I felt we really went beyond surface level conversation and it was wonderful! We decided to try and explore at least once every 2 weeks so I'm looking forward to spending more time with them.

We had Scott over for dinner twice and that was fun... he even let me try a new recipe out on him. He and Mike are so funny because they're mac-oholics and they can talk all night about computers. Reminds me of his conversations with Dave in AL. :) Scotts a youth intern with our friends Tim and Cindy.

Speaking of Tim and Cindy... they're little girl turned 1! I can hardly belive it... I remember visiting her in the hospital and now the girls just smile and giggle when they see each other. Agh... it will be so fun to watch them grow together.

We've had dinner with Dan and Geeta as well. Dan came over one night while Geeta was away and before he left, I told Isabella... 'Now go give Uncle Dan a kiss.' I couldn't believe my eyes as she walked right up to him and puckered up! I think it totally caught him off gaurd too! Precious... we had dinner with them both tonight and Isabella gave them both tons of kisses. Too cute... she even passed on Daddy holding her so Uncle Dan would.

Today we went to the playroom with Shateki and Mousumi. It was fun there were a lot of little kids running around so while Isabella did her share of running and screaming, she did a lot of observing too. We hadn't seem them in a couple of weeks so it was good to connect again.

As I mentioned in my previous post... Isabella refuses to keep her shoes on when outside so I decided to try a trick. They have these squeaky shoes here and she loves them. Mike and I refused to buy them but I needed to try something. So I bought these precious chinese style (they look like the CHinese dresses) squeaky shoes... only to have them break one day after wearing them. Grr... I'm actually thinking of taking them back (don't normally do this at a market) but since it's only been a day.. I'm hoping they'll remember me.

I've decided to try and organize a little 'costume' party for the little kids I know.. in hopes of getting all these mom's I've met together and maybe meeting for a playdate every couple of weeks. I'm actually pretty excited about this opportunity and am just praying for how to oppropriately go about this. It's actually quite a blessing in itself because my trip to the states has been cancelled. The quote on ticket price didn't include Isabella and her cost just makes the ticket a little out of price range. I'm totally bummed as I had just spent the day planning all the things I wanted to do with Isabella there but it's okay. Hopefully in Jan or Feb I can go. Instead I will focus on the cool things I can do here in hopefully cool weather. I'm considering a trip to Disney, the beach, a couple of parks, etc... we'll be creative while Daddy's at his conference.

Well... this is totally random in how I posted things. Sorry if it's confusing I just had to get some thoughts down. I'm not even going to spell check... too tired. lol

Have a blessed Thursday!

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