Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No denim allowed

Fun (albeit not so fun at all at the time) story about our day yesterday....

We were blessed with an inviation by a man in our church, Albert. Mike to gold and Isabella and I to hang out at the pool. But this wasn't just an oridinary invite... it was to the Hong Kong Golf Club... the ultra elite club of Hong Kong. Expensive meals, clothing requirements, you get the idea. Albert picks us up and suggests to Mike that he may want to change from his 'cargo' shorts into pants and so he runs upstairs. We pick up Tom (our guest speaker at church) and his family and head on our way to Fanling. Albert drops us off and tells us to head into the restaurant while he parks the car. No big deal... We walk into the restaurant and the man looks at me, points to me and says... 'No denim. Go put trousers on.' What? I didn't bring anything else with me! No I enter panic mode... I have to have something else on and the only place to buy something is the pro shop... and at the Hong Kong Golf Club... nothing is cheap! I was almost in tears of both embarrassement and fear of how much money I was about to spend. I looked for the cheapest thing possible and I still paid more than I have ever paid for a skirt in my life! But I also have to admit that it was the most comfortable skirt I have ever owned. It was the kind with the shorts underneath... why aren't all skirts made that way! I loved it. So sheepishly I walk back into the restaurant to find out that Tom was also told to 'tuck in his shirt' and that they checked Rob out to make sure his shirt was tucked in as well. It made me feel a little better. lol

So despite this event... we had a fabulous day. The weather was warm and the day just gorgeous. We spent time in the pool, chatted with a woman from England, played in the children's room, had a snack with Barbara, and Isabella even took a nap. I was so blessed by Alberts offer... days can get so repetitive for me (going to the same parks, stores, etc) and I loved the opportunity to hand out at a new place with lots of space for Izzy to run.

Isabella either played really hard or she's hitting a growth spurt because she slept until 9:30 this morning! I could hardly believe it. We had a rather lazy day today... the only attempt we made to get outside ended after Isabella had a moment and our stroller fell into the fountain. LOL

Well... I'm still working through my thoughts for my session at our retreat this weekend. I'm so nervous but excited about the chance to be involved. I'm speaking on how to treat Boys right so if anyone wants to share some ideas... I'd love to hear them!


Margie said...

Isn't the Lord so good!! How exciting, albeit a moment of stress, that you and your family enjoyed such a wonderful day!! Just keep a pair of trousers in your car for such occassions LOL.
Can't wait to hear how the costume party goes. I pray the women bring friends and it's a great time to get to know each other better!

Daly said...

wow...they are strict in Hong Kong!