Friday, October 20, 2006

Mice in the Cinema....

How in the world did I forget to post about my movie adventure with Hannah on Wednesday night? Okay... so Dorie was sweet enough to give us two discounted movie tickets and Hannah and I decide to be brave. Not only did we chose a Canto movie (with English subtitles of course) we went to the cinema in Whampoa. Now the last time Mike and I went there... a few seats were not duct taped together... they were package taped together. LOL But it's close by and that's where we could use the tickets.

So anyway... the movie starts and literally within just a few minutes I think to myself.... "I'm about to waste the next 99 minutes of my life." Never a good start. So I open my tortilla chips and cheese (I haven't seen these anywhere but in the cinema so every time we go I have to get them. lol) and munch away. All of a sudden a feel something soft slide by my foot. No it couldn't be, I thought to myself as I raised my feet and paniced as I realized that my purse may have been open. I totally blew it off... convinced myself that I was dreaming and focused on the movie. And then it happened.. I heard a little crackling noise and I look to my right where I had placed my half eaten chips and there it was .... a round, furry MOUSE/or rat.. I'm not totally sure what it was but eww! So I tell Hannah to move her legs because I'm moving and she's like... you're not serious... that didn't just happen. She didn't believe me but I didn't care.. I was not staying in that seat. Then about a minute later she leans over and says... 'I just heard it. How in the world did you stay so calm?' I think I was just so stunned that I didn't know what to do other than move. LOL So what an evening! Mike will never have to convince me to see a movie somewhere other than Whampoa. LOL

That's my fun story of the day!

Today on the other hand was rather discouraging. Nothing like knowing your child is unhappy but having NO IDEA how to fix it. She slept in until 8:30 so I was convinced we were going to have a great day. But nothing went our way... all of our plans fell thru and probably a good thing because Izzy fussed all day. She cried almost the whole way to meet Mike for lunch... and pretty much the whole way home. So I put her down for a nap that didn't last very long. So I took her outside to the park and all she wanted was to be carried so we walked back over to the church to pick up Mike's computer (mine's still in the shop and I feel so disconnected from the world) and she fussed some more. We came home and I tried to get her to eat something. After screaming for about 15 minutes she finally ate some fish and then I immediately put her in the tub for a bath. It just broke my heart all day. And I was blah too... I think it was a mix of it still being so hot and stuffy and still being disappointed that my trip was cancelled. I dunno... it was just a very long day.

So instead of moping around I'm gonna read my new Radiant magazine. Have a great day!

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Banana said...

Mel...I'm sorry that you were so BLAH today! I would have come to see you had I known...I LOVE YOU...and if you ever need a know where to find me!