Monday, September 07, 2009

Where has the past year gone? I was always told that the older you get, the faster time passes by and that is most definitely the truth. I remember praying that Aug 25, 2008 would come and go, so this little guy would be here and I could get back to a normal (well as normal as having 2 children, 1 being a newborn) could be. Those 9 months were the longest and sadly the most miserable nine months of my life. I constantly tried to remind myself how blessed I was and how many people would kill to be in my place but the constant nausea and vomiting and knowing that I lost almost 9 months of Izzy's life was unbearable.

The public hospital wouldn't provide a 20 week ultrasound and I just couldn't justify the expense when I didn't want to know the sex anyway. I thought 'no big deal, if they were concerned about something, they'd make it happen.' Though looking back, it may have been wise to have that scan. Maybe it would have shown how big he was already and prevented my from having to have a c-section and a 9lb 15oz baby. :) But alas... two weeks before he was born, they felt something wasn't right as my stomach measured 3 weeks ahead. Lo and behold, we were told he was already 4kilos with a big tummy and that most likely, they'd have to break his collarbone to get him out. So we then began the discussion of a c-section. I prayed this would mean I'd have him in my arms in the next few days but no, they said it was my choice (I still get really upset at this statement... I by no means wanted a c-section but when you're told they'd have to break your baby... I felt like I'd be a selfish mom if I didn't agree with them) and made me wait two more weeks.

The whole admitting process was kind of funny to me. I admitted myself on Saturday afternoon and then went on home-leave until Sunday evening. On Monday, I was to have the operation about 10-11am. I should have been more realistic and known that wouldn't happen but by 2pm, I was getting quite frustrated and hungry. :) I began feeling stomach pains but thought it was and upset tummy from not eating. Almost 3hrs later, I realized it was labor and the contractions were 2 minutes apart. The nurse didn't believe me but after 30 minutes of monitoring, I was the lucky one to go next.

Once on the table, I began to panic and insisted that Mike be able to come in. Thankfully, they did allow him and it seemed that even before I could count to ten, Isaiah was born. I had to have my glasses off so I could barely see what he looked like, in fact I had to ask the Dr if it was a boy or girl... they didn't tell us. They took him away for observation and me for recovery. They let Mike stay with Isaiah which was fine by me because I was sick and useless for any sort of conversation. I just wanted to sleep.

I never did get to see Isaiah until about 5pm the next day during visiting hours.

I spent 5 days in the hospital, in a room with 10 other women, with only 2hrs a day of visitation. I thought I would hate that but it was actually quite nice. I felt very comfortable caring for Isaiah and physically rested by the time I went home.

It was a unique experience but I have no complaints. The total cost of having him... $50 US dollars.

Now my baby is 1... crawling everywhere, pulling himself up and trying to stand. Eating like he's a teenage boy, sleeping like a champ. He's very calm, happy, joyful though he does not like loud noises. He'll eat anything in sight (except veg. dumplings) and grunts/screams while he eats. He's a thumb-sucker. He loves his sister and wants to do everything she is doing. He loves the water though can easily fall asleep if being held in the pool. He watches everything that's going on. He's finally got some teeth, they all came in at once and now has 6. Still very little hair but two curls behind his ears. He's got amazingly beautiful blue eyes and a giggle that makes your heart melt.

He's 9.4 kilos (21lbs) but man he's a chunk... a heavy boy to carry around but he loves to be held and snuggled.

I can't even imagine what the next year will hold but I look forward to every moment. I look forward to his walking, running, and tackling his sister. I look forward to seeing his personality develop and see if he remains calm and laid back or will he quickly become a boisterous boy. I look forward to seeing his reaction to another baby and how he'll be as a big brother. What an exciting year ahead!

I'm so very blessed!


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Rachel Benz said...

He is a beautiful baby boy! What a blessing!