Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Manila Flooding

I'm sure you've all heard about the devastating rain and floods in Manila. It was brought close to home when our helper, Joan, told us about her stressful Sunday and devastation that two of her sisters family are dealing with.

Joan said that her sister escaped when the water was knee high because she knew she wouldn't be able to swim but her husband tried to take care of house things and didn't leave until all he could do was swim to safety. We praise God that they are safe but all their efforts to save their home were unsuccessful as the water peaked at rooftop levels leaving them with absolutely nothing.

Sadly, I'm sure this is not the only story we will hear about in the coming weeks as a huge portion of our Filipino fellowship come from or have family living in Manila.

Our hearts ache for them so I ask that you would please join us in praying for them, for safety (the family is in a new place but because they have nothing, they are sleeping on cold, dirty floors) and that God would provide for their needs.

Please also pray this would be an opportunity for them and all dealing with this to see God at work and trust in Him.

It's hard to know exactly to help in this situation but one thing I can do is to ask if anyone has any clothing to fit a 11yr boy, 7yr old boy and 3yr old girl and would be willing to donate them to her family, it would be greatly appreciated. Please leave me a comment and I can get more details to you.

Thank you for your prayers!!

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