Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quiet Day with Deep Thoughts

This is Isabella's lantern for Mid-Autumn Festival. She was so proud of it. She drew pictures of her two new friends at school next to a mountain (the big blue thing) and sun. On my way home today, I stopped to buy her a proper lantern... and surprise, surprise it has the Disney Princesses on it but she was so excited. Now only if the rain will stop so we can picnic on Saturday.

Today was a rather uneventful but very refreshing day for me. It was Izzy's last day of school for the week so Joan, Isaiah and I picked her up and treated her to McD's for lunch. I planned to let them play at the playground too but it began to poor so we checked out the library... now if only I could find my library card. Joan took the kids home and I decided to get a cheap pedicure.

Tomorrow and Saturday are holidays and Mike won't be home this weekend, so I thought I'd give myself some down time before all the fun and excitement begins. I love going this particular lady in the old side of Sai Kung for a pedicure. It's nothing fancy but she does a great job, takes her time (it usually takes about 2hrs for the whole process) and she speaks little English so the whole time I can read or gather my thoughts. It's VERY relaxing for me, something I needed today.

I came home refreshed and energized... man what a little quiet time can do. The kids and I played, Izzy completed her weekend homework, we had a fabulous dinner and I (and actually Isabella helped quite a bit) made some apple crisp. Isaiah went to bed and Izzy went into town with Joan to pick up Auntie Tata so I had an extra hour or so of quiet time.

While I did go and get the pedicure... I've been struggling a lot the past few days thinking about poverty verses my lifestyle. I wouldn't by any means consider us wealthy but after the typhoons destroying families... I've been constantly thinking about all that I have. All the excess that I have and what some would do to have just a little of what I've got. I've been just torn on how to spend our money. I think about some things that we've been planning to buy (like curtains for our bedroom that we've been debating about for almost a year and now we have enough money set aside to do this... our windows are HUGE) but when I think about buying them, I think about what that money could do for a family in the Philippines that just lost everything.

I'm just trying to figure out the balance between giving freely and well I don't even know what... A fellow TFC'er is thinking through this same thing and she blogged much better about this so if you want my previous words to make sense maybe you want to check out her blog. :)

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