Thursday, September 17, 2009

"... too tired."

Yesterday Isabella had an accident at school. When I asked her why she didn't tell the teacher that she needed to go, this was her response....

"I was just too tired."

Classic logic by a 4yr old.

Isaiah finally stood long enough to take a picture.. so proud of him. I know it's hard keeping that much weight off the ground. :)

I tried to take a few more recent photos of the kids but they weren't very cooperative. I did manage to get this one taken.

Here is a similar photo we took when Isaiah was 6 weeks. He's grown a bit since then. And my looking at this picture of Izzy. Wow... she's changed quite a bit too. Look at all that hair!

At dinner last night, Isabella asked me if I knew if Princess Lily Bob was a boy or girl and of course I said no and she replied (like come on mom you should know this attitude)... it's a girl Mommy. Joan then asked what she would do if the baby was a boy, what would we do with two boys? And Izzy's response, "We'll just give Buddy away." Priceless. But when we pressed her for who we'd give him away to she insisted that we keep him and she was just kidding.


Rachel Benz said...

They are both just precious! And I don't know if another baby will fit on that bench with Isaiah!

sarahluanne said...

That bench has changed a bit too, huh? :)