Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm still somewhat speechless when I talk about it... still having a hard time actually believing that it is true...

God's special 30th birthday present to me.... another precious bundle of joy, due March 26, 2010!

I have absolutely no proof to share... no photos of the positive test, no ultrasound pictures (they don't give them to you here), the only paper I had that said... Melissa is pregnant... is in the hands of the Dr. now.

It's so surreal and while I am sufferring minor nausea and tiredness and my belly is quickly growing, it's still hard to believe that I'm pregnant. I'm very thankful that I'm feeling as well as I am, that I'm already 12weeks, and that I'm only working 2 half-days a week so that I can rest when necessary without missing out on my little one's lives.

The only problem with this new little baby is the due date. It's due the weekend of the Rugby 7's and I'm told by many that I will have no husband and no guests at the hospital. :) So I'll just pray that baby comes early.

Isabella is excited and insists it's a girl and she has named her "Princess Lily Bob".


JB and Iris said...

So excited for you guys! "Princess Lily Bob" will have lots of company w/ our little girl "A Boy", or so Gavin insists she should be named!

Auntie Jo said...

Congratulations Melissa & Mike! Will pray that this pregnancy will is an easy one and for a healthy baby.

Rachel Benz said...

Well Princess Lily Bob is better than Daquiri. Nevermind.

Gaffney said...


Happy Birthday, now and when your gift arrives in March 2010!

Anonymous said...

Princess Lily Bob! I'm excited to meet her*!!!