Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So exciting!

Well this week has been full of some exciting things and it's only Wednesday! Due to a lot of people missing, I was able to be at a different table at Alpha this week... one where almost everyone at the table is truly seeking the Lord and to hear their excitement about reading the Bible, having God speak to them, even just buying a Bible. It was humbling to be a part of that. It can be too easy to slack off in our spiritual lives because we've been following the Lord for even what seems like a long time or because we've grown up in the church and we feel we know everything. But answering some of the questions just reminded me of all the awesome things God has done for me and how exciting it truly is to develop our relationship with him and it was really a fun night.

And after I got home, I made a decision. Since we moved to HK, I've prayed for the opportunity to start a moms group. I prayed that God would build close relationships within these moms and I prayed that in time... God would open an opportunity to do a book or Bible study. And with pure JOY, I get to share that we will begin a book study on Biblical parenting within the next month!!!!! I am so simply stoked! After some prayer, I decided to talk to them all and see if they were interested in doing something like this and all have showed interest! What's absolutely great is that at least 2 attending are not believers but are willing to come for different reasons. So please pray for these ladies, this group and these two women that God would draw them unto Him during this time.

So exciting!!! And one little thing... I have another interview tomorrow for a Sat morning position. It's with the same school that was M-S but just Sat's and I'm excited yet really nervous as I have to do a 15 min phonics demonstration. Please continue to pray with me that God would just make it clear what He wants me to do. Then we have a fun staff party in the evening and the friday begins family camp!

And to top it all off... it's starting to cool off! Wohoo!

This week just ranks up there as one of the best!!!

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