Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Boring Update...

So much has gone on and I've just been lazy about writing. So many sweet Izzy memories, fun surprises, decions to be made... and hopefully I won't forget those but if I try and go back to write about them I'll just get discouraged so alas...

Yesterday, we took a family run and it was awesome! We went a little over 13 miles and Izzy even ran a bit. We took a different route and even found some new places to explore which was fun too. But needless to say, I'm tired and very unmotivated to run again this week. LOL And I have all my speed workouts yet to do. A cute Izzy moment was when we got home... she was stretching with me. I don't know why it was adorable to me but it was. :)

Today I had yet another interview and I surprisingly enjoyed it. I don't normally enjoy interviews at all but this was at an English Center in fanling which is just two stops away from China. The owner was awesome, very sweet, a believer, friendly, etc... She is buildling her center and has offered for me to basically do whatever I wanted with just a few guidelines. Which sounds exciting to me. She's also totally willing to work around when I am available and Izzy can come to work with me if necessary. She's also willing to do some Cantonese/English swapping where she'll teach Izzy and I and I'll teach her. The whole time I was with her this morning, she was teaching Izzy. I loved it!

Anyway... there is one major thing that I need to find out before I can make a final decision so I'm praying that God will just give me wisdom on what to do.

So that's the past few days in a nut shell.

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Rachel Benz said...

That's awesome! I love it when my kids do stuff with me, too. Zoe wanted to run with me one day, and Addie and I were doing sit ups last night. It's great.