Monday, October 08, 2007

Job Interview

Well today was an interesting day... I had a job interview for a NET (Native English Teacher) position at a Kindergarten. It all happened so quickly... I've been looking for something very part-time in hopes to make some extra income so that we could adopt. Word apparantly got aroudn that I was looking for something and I got an email last week about this position. I made the phone call and they wanted me to interview today. After talking with them, I was hesitant about the job but I thought it would be worth it to go to the interview which led to an interesting day for me and Izzy.

We hopped on the shuttle at 10 and due to a few mishaps... I was late to my interview. Thankfully they were late as well. :) But I also had Izzy with me, which they were fabulous about. They acutually offered for her to join a class but once she saw the little cars that's all she wanted so one of the ladies sat with her while I had my interview... it was really interesting... some interesting questions. But I quickly realized that it's not the right time. I think I would absolutely LOVE the job... but the communte, having to work on Sat, etc... it's just not a good idea right now. Though I think I will keep my eyes open for a similar position closer to home. So while I kinda feel like I wasted a bit of my day... I know I didn't at the same time. I actually got to see a part of HK that I'd never been too, I got to explore the mall our shuttle drops us off at and realized they have some great children's stores (Izzy is obsessed with Cinderella right now and I found a store that has TONS of princess things/toys, etc... and even a bunch of Dora stuff.. who she also adores... which is rare in HK) and I feel more prepared for future interviews. I also know as far as a job goes... what I want.

So anyway... tomorrow I actually have another interview for a job on Thursdays but I just got the notice so unless they allow Izzy to come... I'll have to wait. And I have another, I'm not exactly sure if it's an interview or a you've go the job let's discuss the details, meeting sometime this week for a friday night position which actually might work out really well. So we'll see what the Lord has in store. I'm looking for something that will give me an opportunity to reach out and minister but at the same time... doesn't take me away from my famiy or ministry with our church.

On a cute side note.... as I already mentioned Izzy's love for Cinderella... well today she was watching it while I was getting ready and I heard her singing along. It was too cute.

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