Saturday, October 06, 2007


Sorry about the sideways shot... forgot to fix it first but need to get to bed so this will have to do for today. This pic shows what I wish Isabella didn't know how to do... use the DVD player. Does your baby book ask this question? Well mine does and it made me laugh that at 2 I could write that Izzy knows how to work the DVD player.

Isabella is in love with Cinderella and today she found this dress in her closet... (she now carries her stool whever she needs it... in the bathroom to brush her teeth, in her bedroom to turn on her light or get into her closet, the kitchen to get into the fridge) and insisted on wearing it and spinning in it. We actually have Cinderella on VCD (cheaper.. not as good quality dvd) so it comes in two disks and Izzy's prefers the 2nd disc where the mice are making her dress, the ball and so forth. She gets so sad when Cinderella gets locked into her room. So cute.

So anyway... once again I'm not leaving myself much time to write but I just have to share how excited I am that by putting the scriptures around the house and just reading them throughout the day.... I've memorized about 4 new verses in just a short time. This is huge for me... for some reason, I can memorize any music (for piano, sax, etc...) with relative ease but scripture has always been very difficult for me so I'm just stoked!

Have a blessed day!

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