Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bye, bye paci

Well today... the paci fairy came and took Izzy's paci's away. Actually we were talking about being a big girl and when I told her that she wasn't going to have them tonight she asked if we could mail them to Papa. :) I know some would say I'm a bad parent for letting her have it this long but when you take public transportation as much as we do and often with a very tired and cranky child who has incredible will power well... it's nice to have something just to throw in her mouth that will calm her down. But alas.... her virus on her chin is spreading and it's just time. So if you think about us... pray that the next few days will go well and that Izzy will adjust well. I actually chose tonight because Mike comes home late on Wednesdays and he'll be gone late friday in preparation for the Trailwalker so I figured if she screamed... he'd only have 1 night to deal with it. However, it's 10pm and Izzy is still up playing in her bed. I wish I could go on as little sleep as she does.

I'm in week 4 of my training and it's going well. I'm actually following the plan which means only one real long run each week and I must say it's nice. Until July, I tended to run as long as I could as many days of the week as I could and while it really got me into shape... I burned out a bit. According to my Nike+ system, I've got approx 240miles (haven't updated it in the past few days) until I reach my 500 mile mark so I've made it a goal to run 500 miles by Jan 1st. That shouldn't be too big of challenge... about 20miles a week... I'll just need to be consistent in my training and not give up after the race.

I had other things to write about but now I can't remember so I think I'll go enjoy a few minutes with my hubby before hitting the hay.

Oh yeah... another cute Izzy story:

I put Izzy to bed and decided to run. I figured if she cried, I wouldn't be able to hear too much of it between the tv and my treadmill. So anyway... I finished my run and walked back to our room to put my shoes away when I noticed Izzy's light on. At first I thought ... oh I can't believe I forgot to turn her light off... no wonder she's awake. Then I remembered that I did turn her light off and wondered how she got it back on. There were no chairs in site. She came out of her room saying, 'up.. baby up. play?' So I told her she could have 5 minutes to play but she had to show me how she turned the light on. So she disappears and comes back with the stool we have in the kitchen. It made me laugh that she thought of that but also that she was kind enough to put the chair away when she was done.

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