Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sidetrack post... Another hairy experience

I'm so disappointed. My hair desperately needed a new dye job from the last disaster and I finally took the time to do it this evening. I went back to the guy that Noel took me to in Jan when I got green highlights thinking they would remember me (they are a very small salon in a highly Chinese populated area so I doubt they get many foreigners) and would do their best to help me despite the language barrier. (they speak no English) I knew exactly what I wanted (a dark brown with some slight reddish highlights) and I wanted it on my whole head so I figured this should be pretty easy. I went in and noone spoke any English to me at all so I just pointed and decided that I would be happy whatever happened. And then it happened and I got frustrated. Just as they were about to take off the wrap, one guy looked at me and said... 'Will be lighter than what you picked because your hair was lighter.' Okay not such a big deal and then the other man walked in and showed me what the difference would be using the book with the little pieces of hair and it was a total shade lighter! I was so frustrated that they didn't think of this before hand especially since last time they were SO good about helping me get the perfect color. So my dark brown with red highlights is simply red though a dark red. I like the color but I don't think it looks all that good on me... my eyebrows seem to be too light for the color but alas... what's a girl to do. I'm thinking off going next week to get some dark brown highlights/lowlights whatever it is to try and offset the color a bit but we'll see. Maybe I'll just go buy something cheap and dye it myself. Why can't I ever get this right? ( I can't do much with my hair because of the curls so I like to dye it but that's not been working so well lately. :)

Okay... just had to get that off my chest. Now I can whine about having to get up early to run. LOL

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Kerry said...

chuckled when I read this - I have trouble getting the color I want with no language barrier :-)

btw... I wanted to say I really enjoy your pictures. They are very good. What camera do you have?