Tuesday, July 10, 2007

DABC and answered prayer

Since our trip to Thailand and reading 'Little Angels,' I've had this desire to support in some way a ministry that helps others break out of the cycle of poverty. Something that I don't just give money to and hope it all goes to the right place.. but something that I can give to and know who is receiving it and that they are using the money not to just survive one more day but that it's helping them to build a future. I know it seems like I'm putting a lot of demands on how I give but this is what I believe the Lord has laid on my heart. I also wanted to be able to be involved somehow in the actual ministry that is taking place if that was at all possible. So I began praying and praying but God never seemed to answer and I never felt comfortable just giving any money away. My MIL sent me all this info on the 'remember nu' ministry and while I loved the idea of being involved with this... I just never felt God saying... 'Yes this is it... this is what I want you to be involved with.'

And I was starting to get frustrated because I felt like I had been doing a lot of talking about it but doing nothing and I didn't want this passion to just dwindle. And then we left for the Philippines.

We served at Davao Alliance Bible College. There are about 90 students from ages of 17+... all desiring to serve the Lord. This is not a typical college that most of us would expect. They don't offer a variety of majors.. just two basic tracks... Pastoring/Missions and Music and actually I don't believe that music is it's own major in itself. I believe they can get (on top of the Bible courses) a 2yr Music diploma but anyway... you get the idea. They don't have a cafe but the students are expected to cook in a very primitive way so that they will be able to go wherever the Lord calls them since not all of the Philippines (or world) have stove tops. Their chapel is a room that has been creatively decorated (sheet is their screen for the projector) and they use plastic chairs (like we would buy for an outdoor table) for seating. That same room is separated into multiple rooms for classes and they have a little canteen with snacks and drinks. Students don't have cars and most depend upon scholarships to attend.

Okay... so that's just a brief explanation of the school. So as the week went on... Mike was able to ask a lot of questions about the school, students, etc.. and one day he came running up to me saying, 'Guess how much it costs for one student to attend a full year at DABC? About 3000HK (about 390 us).' And I said, 'God just answered my prayers.' We're by no means made of money but it's hard for me to know that with a little sacrifice... one more person could be trained to go out into the world to share the love of God. And so I've decided that with the little bit of money I make from my digital designing.. I'm going to support one student at DABC. And Mike decided that to help our students remain missions focused... he wants the youthgroup to also support a student. This is SOOOOO exciting to me!!!!

And the coolest thing about this is that most likely (as long as the Lord allows) we will be able to serve at DABC each year and so I'll be able to be directly involved with the ministry too!

Wow... I'm kinda speechless on how this all worked out.

And as the week went on... I began to realize how much stuff that we have, how much more well off even we are compared to the students/families there and I began thinking of other ways that we might be able to share a little of what God has blessed us with. So in this one area alone... God really worked in my heart in a million and one ways that I will share over the next few days.

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