Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm going a bit backwards but sometimes it's easier to talk about the fun things while processing what has happened in your heart.

DABC gaves us a most memorable rest on Saturday of our trip. They took us to an island called "Paradise" and paradise it was... especially for me after the week I had with Izzy. Paradise Island has white sandy beaches and clear beautiful water... a zoo, playground, sand volleyball... it was great. And DABC made it even special by bringing food... the special roasted pig and their amazing fruit salads. Seriously... the filippinos know how to cook. Their food is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the staff and our group and they just wanted us to have fun so we did. We swam, played volleyball, napped (well Izzy did anyway), some played music, billiards and Mike and I scoped out all the prices because we are seriously considering skipping Dolphin Bay next year and coming back here and if you know how we feel about Dolphin Bay... you know this place has to be amazing! The only negative is that Izzy is still afraid of the sand and I'm not sure if there is a pool. But anyway....

Yes... we suffered for the Lord this day. :) Actually it was very refreshing and I think it was great for our students to have a day to enjoy life with no pressure but to have fun.

Most of the day was free and I finally took Izzy to the hotel pool which she would declare as her 'paradise.' This kid LOVES her pools. And in the evening we ate at Aries' (our filippino pastor's son) favorite restaurant and Toby cleaned up everybody's leftovers. LOL Sometimes teenagers get the craziest ideas and yes he did pay for it later. :) Some of the boys went to see Transformers again (yes a second time in one week... when Mike heard it was out in the Philippines... he made sure we could all go see it and they all loved it!) and the rest of us just hung out at the mall and had the most adventurous time finding a taxi and getting home.

We did have a brief meeting with the Pastor of the Gospel Alliance Church and it was awesome to hear how God is working within that church. In 3yrs they have planted 6 churches! And they were excited to hear that we will return next year and begin sharing ways in which we can get involved more next year. What a great partnership that has been started between AIC and DABC and Davao city churches.

So anyway... Saturday was a fabulous day full of great memories but in the midst of all the fun, I was still challenged in my heart about how I approach the blessings that God has given me. There were two particular instances where I was reminded that while I may not be wealthy, I am able to live comfortably, I don't have to worry about where my food will come from and that maybe I'm not as good of a steward with my money as I should be. Once again in that one week I saw how people can be totally content and happy with little material items... that it's about family, friends and serving the Lord and that challenged my heart.

Can you say gorgeous...

Here's the yummy, yummy food we ate... Sarah with our pig before and Pastor Wilmar getting ready to chop it up.

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