Saturday, July 14, 2007

friday the 13th... the day I was born (maybe that's why I'm a bit abnormal)

There have been a list of things to accomplish before heading home and the final one is tomorrow but it's been on my mind for a few weeks now. I'm leading worship for the first time in front of the church and I just did it for the first time ever while in the Philippines last week. So needless to say... this is a big time stress for me and all I've been thinking about. I knew Sunday was the 15th but because I was so focused on that particular day... I honestly didn't even remember that yesterday was my birthday (well until Mike pointed it out on Wed or Thursday I can't remember exactly what day). I know that's hard to believe but it's true.

So anyway... the day was pretty normal (a trip to the pool, cleaning, etc...) but the evening was awesome. Mike made plans with our friends Nick and Adelina to have dinner and they even arranged the babysitting. Poor Wanda (Adelina's mom who's visiting) had all 4 little ones.. two crazy toddlers and not even two month old twins. I knew we were having dinner but I didn't know where and I didn't know that Wanda was making me authentic tiramisu. I think I've only had one taste of tiramisu before and I don't recall liking it but this... this was absolutely AMAZING. I was so honored that they'd go to all this effort for me because I know with the twins, life has just been crazy for them. They got me this absolutely beautiful bowl and candle as well and even gave us a old Vietnamese painting that they didn't have room for. I felt like a princess. And then Mike pulls out his gifts and they were just perfect. He got me some shorts and shirts and a special foot scrub/lotion thing that my poor running feet need. I loved it and can't wait until tomorrow to wear one of the shirts.

So about 8ish we headed out to my favorite Malaysian restaurant where I thoroughly enjoyed some satay, roti and pak choy...yumm! Then we hit a little place to just sit and talk. It was so nice to get together without children because we were able to concentrate on each other and we had some intense, incredible conversations. We made it home just in time to catch the last train, walking in the door about 1am. It was SOOOO much fun and I'm really thankful that Mike thought to invite them along. Adelina has been one of the best friends I have here and it's just amazing how well the 4 of us get along and enjoy each other. In talking with others, it seems that either the wives or husbands get along but not always all four or they may get along but it's not a totally comfortable situation but I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with several of these types of relationships both here and actually all the places we've lived. It's just so much fun.

Oh yeah... even before the evening began... I hit the salon one more time. I told Mike that this is it... no more dying my hair until it totally grows out and then I'll just go back to highlights. I was just too uncomfortable with how the red looked and so I went to Mike's guy (yes.. Mike could do his 'I told you so' dance). He was actually a different guy (the one I saw there was a bit rude and I didn't want to go back to him) but Mike's guy was great... even gave me a discount because he knows Mike. :) So I told him what I wanted, what had happened, etc... and he picked the colors and just did everything. So my hair is now a dark, dark brown (that still sparkles a bit with the red) with blondish highlights. I've always wanted to try a dark color but was too afraid. Now I have and know that it doesn't look so good on me. LOL But it'll work for now.

So anyway....
Although it was a wonderful evening, I'm feeling a bit blue the past few days. I think it's a mix of just needing a break, the disappointment of the hair situation, waking up to another swollen eye today, etc... but I'm just a bit of a glum chum as Mike would say. :)

So now I'm going try and catch a short nap and figure out dinner plans. Have a great day and thanks to all of the wonderful birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!

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