Friday, December 08, 2006

Random Updates

Opening her first Christmas present at our Christmas banquet.

So at our Christmas Banquet a lady read the Christmas story while some children acted it out. At the end we had a birthday cake and sang "Happy Birthday' to Jesus a tradition that we Rose's do at home on Christmas morning. Anyway... the church gave out gifts to all the children and this is when I discovered that we are going to have one fun Christmas morning! Isabella and I walked up to get her gift and when we got back to our table she sat on the floor and ripped off the paper. She then immediately gave me the box to open and when I handed her the little doll she hugged and kissed it. She is just a sweetie! She didn't hesitate for a second and it was so fun to watch. I can't wait to see the joy on her face Christmas morning but I guess that means I can't put the gifts under the tree too soon.

Last week I took Isabella for a free trial class at the Little Gym. I was a bit nervous about this because at our last free trail she couldn't sit still for a second and the circle time was a nightmere for me. But I was reassured by the teacher that it's okay if she doesn't sit still. In fact, they encouraged me to just let her roam around. They told me to get involved in the activities and eventually if she saw how much fun I was having, she would come back. I wasn't convinced but during circle time at the end of class she would run off then come back. Isabella had a blast trying all the equipment and just loved the balance beam. One of the instructors even commented on how impressed they were with her beam skills. LOL I loved the enviroment and I loved the teachers so Mike and I made a sacrifice (used some of our Christmas money... lol) and signed her up for the last 6 weeks of the semester. I think this will be really good for her in so many ways. To run off some energy, to socialize with children her age, and maybe even learn a bit more on how to listen and sit still. :) Hey, a mom can hope right? After the class we had lunch and walked around the TST promenade for a bit and then headed home. Her classes will be on Wed mornings and I'm really excited about the 'Mommy and Izzy' time. Plus if she naps like she did that day, I'll always appreciate 3hrs to myself. LOL

Well.. since this is an Izzy post I'll just add a few more things. Her vocubulary has extended to 'uh-oh' and 'quack.' LOL It's so fun to throw out animal names and watch her figure out what sound goes with them. She may not be able to say much but she sure knows her animals. :) She has become addicted to blueberries and cheese but will only eat them if I put them in her special bowl. Her addiction to Maisy the mouse is a bit crazy so I've been trying to get her outside as much as possible. She could watch this cantonese video all day long if I let her. It's so funny to me because it's such a basic cartoon but oh well... we pray it is helping her learn catonese. lol

Okay... it's late and I need to get up and run in the morning before our crazy day. We have a make-up class at 11:30 and then our Christmas party in the evening. Should be fun!

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