Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A few more Random updates

Well... we are in week 8 of The Biggest Loser Challenge and I was so excited to report yet another pound lost on Monday! Wohoo! That makes a total of 5lbs.. yeah I had a couple of stale weeks but what makes those weeks tolerable is that I also measured myself again and I've lost an additional 3 inches, making a total loss of 5.5 inches! This challenge has been so good for me. I have definitely gained self-control in my eating habits, am choosing healthier foods and drinks and feeling really strong.

I'm also so thankful to Shelly who challenged us to run a 5K and for Laurie who is now my running partner. I'm on week 5 and my knee is feeling great. My pace is picking up and with about 12 minutes of walking... my total time for a 5K has been 33 minutes. (I'm still doing intervals in the training) So I'm pretty excited to see what my time will be when I'm running non-stop. I'm not going to run a 5K though.. I'm running a 10K for the Standard Charter race in March. I can't believe I'm really going to do it but I'm really excited and energized about it. And now that Mike has so graciously made me a running playlist on his iPod, the time goes by so quickly and I'm finally able to listen to some music that doesn't include veggie tales or twinkle twinkle little star. LOL

And as I mentioned two posts ago... Izzy had her Little Gym class today and I was SOO proud of her. She participated in EVERYTHING and barely ran off on her own. She loved lifting and climbing under the parachute and she followed Miss Amy around to catch bubbles on her toes. She even eagerly helped clean up the balls and put her bells away. It's just so neat to see her be comfortable within the group, to try new things, and to follow directions.... and this is only the 3rd class. I definitely think we will be signing her up again for the winter/spring semester. And I'm enjoying the fellow moms I'm meeting. I desperately want to take some pictures but I'll have to wait until Mike can come too. Maybe the week of Christmas.

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