Friday, December 22, 2006

Couch to 5K--Week 6/Day 3 and Biggest Loser Update

Wohoo! I made it. I survived my long run and you know what? It was GREAT! I changed up my music this time and listened solely to David Crowder. Their music is so powerful that even in the slow songs... I was motivated to push myself. And yeah... I dropped 3 minutes off my time (still with a few minutes of walking)!!! I was so excited.

10K here I come!

Biggest Loser Update~
I seem to be stuck at a 5lbs loss but the inches are still coming off! Wohoo! I'm at a total of 7inches lost since the end of October! Only a few more weeks left... and the numbers (of people anyway) have dwindled but it's so amazing to see how dedicated these ladies are to living a healthy lifestyle and their numbers show it. We have all sorts of losses from 5lbs to probably close to 30! WTG ladies!

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