Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ho ma fan

I just found 15 comments that didn't get posted because I had some weird settings. Most of these comments were from last May!!! And Mom Rose... your's was one of them! LOL I can't believe it but it was so fun to read all the comments about Isabella's birthday pics and Mrs. Miles... if you still read this I'm off to check out your blog! I wasn't ignoring you at all.. just had no idea you posted. :) Too funny.

We're all sick here in the Rose household. Mike's feeling a bit better but this bronchitis just doesn't want to go away. Isabella started to get sick on Sunday and it hit full-fledged on Tuesday but she's in good spirits... just coughing a bit. I'm not too terribly bad but the sore throat and stuffiness has taken my energy. So we haven't done much of anything exciting for the last few days. This Saturday is our Men for God Christmas party and I'm really looking forward to that but hoping we all feel pretty good by then.

It's so hard to believe it's the Christmas season... I mean HK is decorated like crazy but the warmth just steals the mood. So I've been blaring the Christmas music and wearing any long sleeves or pants when I can... even if it causes me to sweat just a bit. LOL I haven't even begun Christmas shopping because there's absolutely no where to store it but I'm making lists and hoping to get some things next week. I'm waiting for Hannah to move back in with us (temporarily) to make Christmas cookies and our TV finally came back so now we can watch some Christmas Movies. Wohoo.....

Well... off to bed in hopes that I will feel better in the morning. Blessings to you all!

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