Friday, September 19, 2008

Isaiah's 1 Month

***Please pray for Izzy. She has a terrible cough to the point where she can barely get out the words she is trying to say. We kept her home from school as she was up all night and for the 1st time ever, she asked to rest and has constantly told me all day how tired she is. Please pray that she recovers quickly and that she will be able to sleep tonight.

It's continued to be a great few weeks as a family of four! It's hard to believe that today, Isaiah is 1 month old. Time just flies and I'm starting to dread signing my contract to teach in a few weeks. But I know it will be good for me and it will be helpful to our family and I'm thanking God that it's only mornings and that I didn't agree to teaching again at my previous school! Well... I've got some things to get done right now but wanted to post some pictures. Here's our little chubby guy... he's just wonderful and Isabella is such a good big sister!

what a little chubby man

he loves to nap on his belly

i just love how babies sleep like this

comforting Isaiah

this is how she fell asleep

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Auntie Jo said...

He sure is a chubby little guy! I can see a lot of Mike in him. Children are a precious gift from God.