Thursday, September 18, 2008

Awana Verses

I am so proud of Isabella... we've been working on her Awana verses and today as we were practicing, she said to me, "I can do it by myself!" and proceeded to quote two of the verses. Then I asked her to say the verse daddy has been teaching her and she begin to quote Psalm 23. And then as we were playing in the 'playground inside' (aka the gym in our clubhouse... she loves to walk on the treadmill) she began singing one of her school songs... in Cantonese. It was so fun to listen to her.

And last Sunday as we were eating our fruit and mooncakes with the Gliddons, we were trying to take a picture and Isabella leans over to Timothy, gives him a big hug and says, 'I love you Timothy.' And he says, 'I love you too.' Priceless.

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