Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Isaiah's Story

Saturday, August 23rd, I had to admit myself into the hospital for my scheduled c-section on the 25th. I was supposed to admit myself on friday but we had a Typhoon 10 that day and therefore anything elective was cancelled. So I checked in and waited for the Dr and Anesthesiologist to confirm all the necessary details about the surgery. I was on ward 7E and Mike wasn't allowed to come in with me (so he headed over to the rainers to hang out) and it didn't take long for me to feel alone and out of place. At one point, a nurse came in, said something in Cantonese and all the women got up and left... me, I just stayed there assuming if it was that important they'd come and get me. It was awkward. Their were 10 women in my area but a total, I believe, of about 30 on that ward. We all shared a bathroom with 3 toilets and 2 showers. We did have curtains to separate our beds but that was all. After several hours, I saw both ladies and was told I could go home and enjoy the rest of my weekend but to be back by 8pm Sunday night. So off we went... back home to celebrate Joan's birthday. I was starting to get a bit anxious, realizing that our life was about to totally change and wondering if we were really ready for this.

Sunday morning we went to church, VBS had their closing ceremony for the adults (of which Izzy refused to participate in... she loves attention but does not like being in front of people) and then we had lunch with the Gliddons, Lowthers, and Cheng's at Outback. I was slightly disappointed that my last good meal was Outback but I could barely walk and was tired and too uncomfortable to go much further away. We came home and I had hoped to have a little quality time with Isabella before heading back to the hospital but she was too exhausted. She fell asleep and slept until about 30 minutes before I had to leave.

I double checked my bags and the website that had a list of things I would need and then we hopped into the Taylor's car, they were very gracious to let us borrow it for the weekend, and off we went. It was surreal... thinking that this was it, tomorrow we'd have another bundle of joy. We parked, walked by 7/11 for some right before midnight snacks and back up to 7E. Again Mike was not allowed to come with me so he gave me a kiss and headed to the rainers again to hang out for a bit. I was so thankful it was the closing ceremonies for the Olympics because it gave me something to do. I couldn't understand any of it but at least I could watch it. :)

All night (as the bright lights were on until like 1am and surprisingly, I couldn't fall asleep), I kept thinking about how our lives were going to change, was I ready for this, what would the surgery be like, how will I love this one as much as I love Izzy, etc...

I finally feel asleep and woke up about 7am anxiously awaiting 8 as that was when the 1st person was to have their surgery (I was #3). When 8:30 rolled around and #1 was still sitting next to me, I realized that this day was going to be longer than anticipated. When 11:30 rolled around and #2 was still next to me, I knew I wasn't going to have this baby by lunch time like they said. I asked the nurse, as Mike was patiently waiting to hear when he should come, and she said about 1pm. So I phoned Mike, warning him that I wasn't convinced this was the right time but that I wouldn't mind having some company. (I was allowed to meet him in the hallway and sit with him) So he got there about 1ish and we just waited together. 2 o'clock came around and we were still playing tetris and bubble wrap games on his phone. Mike wanted a snack and bathroom break, so I went back to my bed to rest for a little bit. As I rested (about 2:30-3:30), I started feeling some stomach pains but my stomach had been all out of whack due to nerves so I didn't think anything of it and kept sleeping. About 3:30, I met Mike again out in the hallway to chat/play games some more. After about another hour, I looked at Mike and said, 'I think I'm having contractions.' Mike says, 'How far a part?' So I timed them and they were about 2/3 minutes a part. Then I tell him that it figures... the only benefit I could think of to having a c-section is not having to deal with contractions and lo and behold, I still ended up with them.

I went back into the ward and told the nurse about my contractions and she said she would have to hook me up to the machines for about a 1/2hr to monitor the baby and check. All I kept thinking was... great I'm going to hit 10cm and then still have to have a c-section. But alas.... after about 10 min, the nurse came to check on me and she said, 'ah yep that's them.' Great... I thought now they have to put me on the emergency list and get me in. But I still had to wait for the 30 min of monitoring first. Once that was done, the nurse told me that I was next on the list but there was a c-section in process so I'd have to wait until that was done. I started being monitored about 5:00pm (I think... could have been about 5:30) so it must have been some time after 6pm that they wheeled me down to the operating theater.

It was at this point that I started to get really nervous about the surgery. We still didn't know if Mike was going to be allowed in the room but it looked hopeful. They took me and prepared me for my spinal anesthetic and my mind started to go crazy on me, I got really uptight and scared. I immediately asked if Mike could come in but they told me he had to wait until the spinal was done. Thankfully it didn't take too much longer.... and as my legs started going numb and my arms were tied down, Mike walked in. And then the tears flowed, I was so scared that I made myself sick which then scared me even more. The Dr (didn't get her name) said okay we're gonna start, you may feel a little tugging and pulling and it seemed that in seconds, I heard Isaiah's cry for the 1st time. It was 7:29 when he was born. I was so happy, so relieved that I began crying again... they probably thought I was crazy. :) They took Isaiah and didn't even tell us what the sex was... Mike had to ask.

I'm not sure what they did with him but as they finished stitching me up, they brought him to Mike and Mike did his very best to hold him as close to me as possible so I could see him. (I'm blind as a bat an couldn't have my glasses on so I couldn't really see him at all.) He held him for a few minutes and then they needed to clean him up and get me out of the room. They rolled me into a recovery room but it took quite some time for me to feel well. I got very nauseous and sick again... just wiggling my toes made me gag. Mike came in to sit with me but I told him to go home. I wasn't worth anything... I just wanted the room dark and to sleep. So he was able to go up to neo-natal (they put Isaiah in there for the 1st day because of his weight... said his blood sugar could spike either up or down with his weight being so high) and give him his 1st bottle and get some pictures.

We didn't name him immediately because we had two names picked out and I wanted to see him before naming him. I didn't get to really see Isaiah until Tuesday at 5:30pm but immediately, I knew he was an Isaiah.

I was quite disappointed on Monday afternoon that I was still waiting to give birth but as I've been learning quite a bit lately, God's timing is always best. I was so sick after the surgery that I know I would have been extremely disappointed had it been daytime and I couldn't focus on my son. Being that the surgery was late, I was able to rest all night and all morning before they brought him to me. In fact, I was able to rest until 5:30 that evening, when visitors were allowed and Mike came. That gave me a lot of time to begin recovering... it was perfect timing, as always.

I have so much more to write about what these past two weeks have been like... simply amazing. I never dreamed the joy, love, happiness that would come from this little man entering our lives. I feel so blessed beyond words and it makes all the struggles, the sickness, etc of this pregnancy worthwhile.

Thank you God for this amazing miracle!!!


Gaffney said...

What a journey! I am so proud of you. Isaiah is a great name. What a lucky boy to be born into so much love. hugs to your crew.

Rachel Benz said...

Congratulations to all of you!