Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dizzy spells

Well I had quite the start to my morning. Mike took me into Sai Kung to catch the bus because I thought I was running late and i was all excited because I would actually have some time to spare and wouldn't have to run to school after the mtr. I hopped on the bus about 5/6 minutes earlier than normal, someone felt pity on the pregnant lady and gave me their seat on the 1st train. The second train is only 2 stops so I don't even bother to try and find a seat... guess I should have today. I literally came seconds from passing out. When the train stopped, I was pretty much leaning on the guy in front of me (who by the way was not too happy), I had lost all hearing and was quickly losing sight. Thankfully I rushed off and was able to just sit on the floor. I'm sure I got funny looks as tons of people passed me but I survived and didn't pass out. I still must have looked awfully pale or something because a man at the top of the escalator was trying to tell me something (like maybe the bathroom is this way or help or I don't know) but he didn't speak any English and well I certainly don't speak any Cantonese so I just shrugged and kept walking. I've got a terrible headache now but other than that I'm doing fine. It sure did scare me though... especially since I wasn't at all expecting it. I wasn't hot or uncomfortable at all... no idea where it came from.

But anyway.... yesterday we finally got Izzy registered for school. It kills me to do this but I know she'll love being around kids and if we plan on staying in HK.. it's what we gotta do. It's a local Christian school which we thought was cool. She'll be taught in Cantonese only and her second year she'll begin learning Mandarin. Crazy but I'm so excited for her and a bit jealous. I wish we could have some formal language study. The Principal was very sweet and encouraging about having an English speaker in this setting and I think it made her happy that we wanted to put Izzy in this situation.

Tonight we have small group and I'm looking forward to that... and maybe a nap to get rid of this headache but we'll see. ;) I'm going to try a new way of getting home ad hoping it won't take me forever.

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