Friday, April 11, 2008

Breakdown and recovery

Well Wednesday was just one of those days. I was telling a friend that I think it's because I've been in HK too much lately. LOL In the past years, I've been blessed with a trip to visit family about Jan/Feb and then a family holiday to Thailand at Easter. This year, I started working and have not had those breaks. Sound like a good excuse? LOL

Tuesday I had a discouraging Dr appt. Nothing wrong with the baby but I've gained quite a bit of weight and the nurse insisted on telling me how overweight I was and what I should do about that. I know that I've gained some weight as it's obvious in the bulging stomach and some other places :) but I don't feel/see the other added pounds... or maybe I'm just blind to it as I was with Izzy which is a scary thought in itself. But alas... Baby Bob is healthy and kicking away and I'm watching what I eat and making more of an effort to exercise.

But Wednesday... just went downhill. I was just down I guess and a conversation just made me lose it. I was feeling sorry for myself, frustrated at some things, etc... and so I called Mike and vented and cried. It honestly felt good and I think i just needed to get some things off my chest because almost immediately after hanging up the phone... sanity returned. I realized how selfish I had been, was convicted on something that God has asked me to do and eventually excited about life. I think sometimes I know that my feelings are selfish and I shouldn't be feeling that way so I never talk about it and then instead of being able to let go of everything, it just builds.

I also decided to get back into my running routine as that (or exercise in general) has always been good for my sanity. But since I've been unable to run for 3 months and for the sake of the baby's health, I decided to go back to the Couch to 5K running plan. I was quite surprised in my ability to run, the speed at which I could run, and the endurance that I had. I ran much longer than Couch to 5K suggested which I was really encouraged by. It felt SO GOOD to get back out there and get moving and I was all geared up for last night but...

my streak ended after a mini-bus ride home from meeting with a friend. I felt just horrible and had to ask Joan to put Izzy to sleep as I could barely move without running to the loo. But I'm feeling okay today and made it on the train without fainting so all is good. LOL

Speaking of my friend... we met yesterday to plan for our Mom's group and I can't tell you how excited I am for the weeks ahead. We planned out activities for the rest of April and May... things anywhere from doing the Walk Away the Lbs DVD, to making a small scrapbook album, to a trip to the park, a Mother's Day tea, a special speaker... oh I just can't wait. Now I just pray the other Moms will be just as excited. We counted about 5 more moms who are interested in joining us so that's very exciting too.

So lots going on but how boring life would be without it. Hope you have a blessed day!

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