Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prayer request

Well I've been wanting to share these two photos but I don't have the energy to write much today except to ask for your prayers. The vomiting (there's just no way to put it other than that... lol) has returned full force the past few days. It seems as though my balance issues are adding to the problem. After any mode of transportation, I have to run to the loo and today was the absolute worst when I got home from school. It just wouldn't stop. I've very discouraged and NOT looking forward to the next 6+ months as I'm afraid this isn't going to go away until I've had testing and physical therapy again. So if you wouldn't mind praying for me... I see the Dr next week and I'm hoping that maybe they can give me something more than what our family Dr did because that's not working.

Sorry to be such a downer.... hope you all have a great day!!!


Rachel Benz said...

One word: Zofran. I couldn't have made it through the first 6 months of being pregnant with Addie without it. I threw up about 2-3 times per day on it, so off it, there was no way I could avoid being hospitalized. I don't know if they can get you that over there, or what they think, but it's a pregnancy class B and I think there are generics for it now (2 weeks cost $1500 when I took it... thankfully insurance covered it).

Margie said...

Praying for you Melissa! I can't imagine being so sick like that! Hopefully it won't last too much longer!