Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A little this... a little that... mostly about izzy

Every night Izzy asks me to stay with her for two minutes when we're done singing and praying and now that she has a nice big bed, I don't mind staying 2 min if that makes her feel better. So I started asking her some questions about her day, one of them being 'What was her favorite thing she did that day?' Well her answers have been simply adorable the past two nights. She usually remembers something fun that she did like go to the playroom or playing with Angela but last night she said, 'eating' and tonight she said, 'using the potty.' I just love this girl and only can pray that the new baby will have just as much personality that she does.

I have been absolutely LOVING our new home. It is such a blessing from God in so many ways. The best thing so far is the amount of people we've been able to have over. I love having guests and trying new recipes, etc but our other flats have limited us in number and I've just never wanted to cook because the kitchen wasn't user friendly but this place... the kitchen is bigger than ours in MN was and last friday we have 20+ people over and it did not feel as though there were that many. Mike and I were joking with some friends on Sunday night about how we're afraid what's coming next because God has blessed us in so many ways over the past few weeks but I believe this house will expand our ministry. i feel it will give us opportunity to build new relationships, new ministry opportunities, etc. I see Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinners, Mom's group lunches, youthgroup sleepovers, BBQ's, swim parties, etc... I'm just so excited at the doors this house will open up to us that it makes me sad to have to go back to work next week.

I think I've cooked more here in the past week and a half than I ever did at our other flats. I've even tried new recipes again! It feels wonderful.

Today Izzy and I explored a new area. They have these English bookfairs on occasion outside of the park n shop that we used to shop at and I got an email saying they were having a warehouse sale this week so we ventured out to see what they had. I was nervous about how many people would be there (I once went to a Toys r Us warehouse sale and I could barely move with all the people) but it turned out to be just Izzy and I which was awesome. I could look around and Izzy could read and play without harm. She was so excited to go and as soon as we walked in the door she spotted a Dora book, ran and picked it up an then proceeded to sit down and read. It was too cute... just like yesterday when we lied down to nap... we took 15 minutes to read quietly first and she sat down with her two books and just looked through them. I've never seen her sit so quietly.

She has said/done some very cute things lately but of course I cannot remember them all though tonight when I put her to bed, we kneeled down to pray and when we were done she said, 'Mommy we need to read our devotions.' We read the children's version of 'my utmost for His highest' and that's what she was asking for. Also today she picked up the phone and when I asked who it was she said, 'Mamma it's MY friends. They're coming over.'

Okay... I'm just rambling because I'm trying to remember all the things that have gone on and not making a whole lot of sense to the outside world but anyway...

I hope to find my camera tom so I can finally take some new pics of our home.

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Anita said...

Hey Melissa! This is Anita here again. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better and all the blessings the God is showering upon your family. Would it still be possible for us to chat so we can learn more about Hong Kong before coming for the adoption of our daughter, Mikayla, this summer? If so, please email me at Thanks so much! Blessings! ~Anita