Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our day

Today's been a wonderful day! It started with Mike preaching and then off to Victoria Park to pick up my time chip and race number. It was so gorgeous out (sunny and warm with a slight that we walked around the events at the park for a bit and then walked to Wanchai to catch the ferry home. I can hardly believe the race is next Sunday and that I'm actually participating in it. I'm so nervous but very excited at the same time. While we were walking around the booths we saw that Standard Charter does the same type of races in Singapore in December so Mike and I are considering participating in that one together. My goal would be a 1/2 marathon and I'm not sure if Mike would do that or push himself for the whole marathon. Either way it would be TONS of fun and a great excuse to go to Singapore! :)

But ask me again after Sunday... I might have a different opinion. :)

Things seem to be falling into place for Childrens' Church. Map is going to help me with some training sessions for our teachers so that we can transition our current set-up into one that is more like an adult worship service. We both have a passion for our children to experience Christ in a variety ways and we feel they need something (being that our AWANA and Sunday School are Sat/Sun events) a bit different and not so repetitive. She's doing a fabulous job training the 2/3yr old teachers and she's even agreed to help me (and help me find help) for VBS.

Sunday school was awesome with my girls. They are asking great questions and desiring to deepen their walk with Christ. It's so fun to see them understand something or even want to understand something! My prayer for them is that they learn now how important it is to put God first because if they continue to live the fast paced/pressured lifestyle that is Hong Kong.. it will be an even more difficult lesson to learn the older they become.

This week should be a fun/nerve wracking one. LOL We get our furniture on Wednesday, I'm going to pick up some new, big frames (to cover our ever so long bare wall), and the big race on Sunday.... yikes!!!

And oh yeah.... all of our plans for Thailand are worked out!!! Wohoo! We leave the Monday after Easter for a week at Dolphin Bay. I've already been making lists of things we need to do. :) Ahh.... massages, pedicures, hiking, smoothies delivered to me as I lay by the pool.... he he...

Here's a few pics of our day... enjoy!

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