Thursday, February 22, 2007

Catch up

St Paul's in Macau
the crowds in Macau

I'm back... wohoo! We had a fabulous trip to the states but it is great to be back home and with Mike. I have quite a few blogs that I want to write in regards to some great conversations that I had but for now I'm just going to catch up on the past few days.

Sunday we were invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with some friends in Gold Coast and it was a great time. There were two other children there so Isabella had a ball following them around and being a copy cat. We missed the parade but that's okay.. it was much more fun to feel like we had family here. Plus seats were sold out and there was NO WAY I was going to attempt just standing like we did last year. Monday, Mike and I headed off to Cheung Chau for a night away. Hannah blessed us with a night at a Bed and Breakfast and it was great! We walked around the island a bit and sat down for a (what turned out to be) 2hr dinner. Tuesday we headed home and in the evening played Risk with some friends. I haven't played Risk in a very long time and Scott dominated the game pretty quickly but it was still fun to be out with friends. Wednesday was our trip to Macau and while we didn't have as much time as we anticipated it was still fun. We finally ate at Fernandos and we were able to get a new tv stand and some very cool carved wood wall hangings. I still can't get over the price we paid (very cheap) but it was the first day of the new year that the stores were open and therefore sales were HUGE! I forgot to take a picture but it arrives next Wed. Today I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning up the mess we made when we got home from the states. I also did some redecorating in preparation for our new furniture next week. It'll be a bit tight but we're praying that we'll move this summer and then it won't be a big deal. So anyway....

While we were in the states, the girls were always playing the beds (mostly jumping but also like it was night-time and they were getting ready for bed) and Isabella decided to continue playing in that way here. Mike snapped this photo and I just thought it was adorable.

Just over a week until my 10k... yikes... I can hardly believe it's so soon!

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Carolanne said...

Definitely a gorgeous photo!
Welcome home.