Thursday, February 01, 2007


Jumping on the chair with Grandpa

Watching Frosty

Sledding at Grammy and Pappy's

I don't have a lot of time but I had to show Mike some pictures....

Well while I wait for the photos to upload.... it has been an absolute blast watching Isabella interact with her cousins!!! She follows Kara around like a little shadow... copying everything she does. She's learned how to race and how to jump on the bed. The three of them play ring around the rosies and sit at the table to snack... they even pulled out the little DVD player and laid on the floor to watch Frosty. Oh how it makes me wish we lived this close all the time but I often wonder if we did if they would enjoy/appreciate each other as much. I'm so grateful that Erin and Scott moved to Greensburg so I can see them everyday while home!!! Okay... I really need to do my shopping and get home. Have a blessed day everyone!

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Carolanne said...

Beautiful photos!
I'm glad Isabella is having such a great time with her cousins.