Saturday, November 18, 2006


Gosh.... I've been wanting to blog for forever now but haven't made it a priority and now I'm so far behind. There have been some amazing, amazingly challenging, sweet, exciting things that have happened over the past few weeks that I hope I don't forget them all while writing. I'm going to start with a simple post about yesterday and today and just work my way backwards over the next few days.

Last night was our annual Youthgroup Thanksgiving and it was wonderful! I really geared myself up for this being actual 'Thanksgiving' because Mike will be working the day of and we have no plans for a turkey dinner on Thursday. I do hope to find some cranberries, figure out how to make my moms stuffing without a turkey and enjoy some of the basics but anyway... We had a great turnout and it was so fun to be in the home of the Enns' just relaxing, watching movies, jumping on the trampoline, chit chatting with everyone. The Enns have been so welcoming to the youthgroup and their home is just perfect for all of us to get together that we are just so thankful for them. Lori made a delicious turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie and the youth brought the extras and how could I forget the amazing mashed potatoes that my dear hubby made. I haven't had those since last Thanksgiving! It wasn't quite what Americans have to eat... no green bean cassarole (thank goodness) or sweet potatoes (and we didn't eat all day long and watch football) but it was still a party in my mouth and I savored the sweet taste and smells of fall. (Since it's still by no means fall here... well maybe a little.. I don't sweat the second I walk outside. LOL)

We made the students share why they were thankful and it was neat to hear all they had to say. I was really blessed to hear some of the students say, 'I'm so thankful that we have a youth pastor... a really cool youth pastor.' Mike sure is a great guy and I agree that they are blessed to have him in their life.

But what was fun to realize today was that I geared myself up so much that I was totally ready to decorate for Christmas today. For as long as I can remember, we've always decorated the Friday (or at least that weekend) after Thanksgiving so today just felt like that Friday. Mike and I decided to invest in a small tree (last year we used our little 2ft tree) and it fits perfectly in our flat. It's not decorated yet but it is up and screaming for some lovin. It was a blessing because all last week while Mike was gone I was hunting for trees and the cheapest I could find was 1499 HK dollars... not what I wanted to pay. Today Mike found a great deal on a nice tree that folds up small enough to fit under our bed. And we were able to get the tree and some ornaments for less than what we intended to pay for the tree itself. It was such a bummer to have to sell all of the awesome Christmas decorations that we had before moving but I must admit it was fun to pick out some new things and go with a whole new look for a tree. We picked out some very pretty gold (yeah.. I can't belive it myself who would have ever thought I would have gold in my place? lol) and red (of course my favourite) bulbs as well as some ribbons and a big ribbon/bow for our tree top. Now... to find a few minutes when all of us are at home to put it all together. Maybe on Monday... but I can't wait. I was getting so blue about it not feeling like the holidays and this little blessing of a tree just made my day. Thanks God!

Oh and we let Izzy pick out her first ornament and of course she picked the noisy snowman made out of a bell.

Funny story because I don't want to forget this... We ran to P&S this morning to pick up some groceries and toilet paper. Toilet paper here is wrapped in plastic with a handle so you don't need an extra bag to carry it. Anyway... Mike and I had bags we were carrying and Isabella decided she wanted to help too so she grabbed the toilet paper and walked probably 1/2 of the way home with it. Everyone just stopped and smiled at her. We tried to take it away and she would just scream. Then she tried to carry the tree but obviously it was too heavy so Daddy bent over and they both carried it. If only I had my camera.

One more thing I don't want to forget... Isabella is becoming quite famous here. LOL We walked out of P&S which is at the total opposite end of our complex and a man stopped and said, 'Well hello Isabella.' Crazy... I didn't even recognize him but he obviously met her before and remembered her name. Then later tonight we walked outside to the park and the real estate agents (they kinda line the streets here) yelled, 'Isabella.. Isabella.' I couldn't believe they remembered her name. But who could forget a precious little girl like her? :)

Okay... we're rehearing for our Christmas program tomorrow so I better rest up and prepare myself for crazy morning.

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