Thursday, November 09, 2006

For me...

I want to make sure I get this past week down in writing so I'm going to make a time-line and come back to edit the cool things that happened.

Tuesday--Mike leaves for CA, Costume Party at the Park
Wednesday--Playroom with Saytaki, Park
Thursday--Hannah comes over... can't remember what else
Friday--Kowloon Walled City Park and Market
Saturday--the insanity begins... Toys R Us, walk home from TST
Sunday--Church, Lunch with Hannah
Monday--Exploring Hung Hom with Hannah, Dinner with Hannah and Geeta
Tuesday--Dinner with Adelina, her Mom, and Kayla, tv breaks
Wednesday--Izzy falls three times, big goose-egg on head, I lose it (lol), Daddy comes home
Thursday--Lock myself out of the flat, Dr's appt's,

Okay... that's my week in a nut shell... I'll be back to edit later.

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