Monday, November 20, 2006


As one of the youth put it.... 'Enjoy your last year of youth!' Yes... Mike turned 29 today and Isabella wanted him to know what she loves about him so she wrote up this list and painted a picture to go with it.

The top 29 reasons why I LOVE my Daddy!

1 He makes me smile
2 He teaches me what is right and wrong
3 He prays with me
4 He reads to me
5 He takes me to the park
6 He lets me play with his phone
7 He takes me on walks
8 He buys me cool toys
9 He loves me enough to discipline me
10 He makes me giggle really loudly
11 He snuggles with me
12 He carries me when I want to be carried
13 He gives great hugs
14 He lets me play with his shoes
15 He loves my friends
16 He helps me brush my teeth
17 He changes my dirty diapers
18 He helps me get ready for bed
19 He plays football with me
20 He teaches me new words
21 He picks me up and gives kisses and hugs when I've fallen down
22 He encourages me to try new things
23 He's not afraid to let me explore
24 He pushes me high on the swings
25 He laughs with me
26 He spends time talking with and listening to me
27 He teaches me about God
28 He misses me when he's away from me
29 He loves God and it shows in all he does

My daddy is the best! I love him with all of my heart, my mind, my soul and my strength and will always love and respect him for who God has created him to be.

Have the HAPPIEST of Birthdays!

Speaking of Izzy... she's still not feeling well so I think it's off to the Dr's tomorrow. I'm really struggling to figure out if it's just her growing and getting teeth or if she's sick. She has no other symptoms other than a fever but since this is day 2, I better have her checked.

On to our day...
We partially celebrated Mike's birthday... we'll top it off with some hiking in a few days but our babysitter is in Thailand right now so it had to wait. :) I made blueberry muffins and got some apple juice (doesn't sound like much but he really likes it and these are more expensive items here in HK so it's always a treat) and had breakfast waiting for him to wake up.

We were blessed with the chance to Skype with Mom and Dad Rose and talk over the phone with Nikki and Juan. Skype is a wonderful thing and it was so fun to actually 'see' Mom and Dad. Must admit though... does make you a little homesick.

After that we all got dressed and took a walk to get some lights for our tree and ended up eating lunch at the outdoor restaurant at the hotel right next to us. Their food is just fabulous and the atmosphere can't be beat looking out over the harbour. It was especially nice today as there was a breeze and it was cooler outside.

We came home and Mike and Isabella took nap while I ran to the gym. By the time I got back and they woke up... it was almost time to meet Dan and Geeta for dinner. We went to our Malaysian restaurant and yum yum yum... good as always and then we hit Krispy Kreme for dessert or his special 'cake.'

I really enjoyed the day and I hope Mike did as well. I just really wanted him to know how much he is loved and it was an added blessing to have Dan and Geeta be able to join in on the celebration.

Two little fun things that happened (not related to Mike's birthday) were that Mike figured out how to play VCD's on my computer so that Isabella can watch her Cantonese Maisy the Mouse video. This is a huge blessing to me so that I can actually shower or do dishes. And Mike figured out how to watch American tv on his computer so that he was able to watch the OSU game (WOHOO GO OSU!) and if we can time it right we could watch anything else that's on. It's just nice to know that it's available.

So anyway... that was our day. It was great... loved the family time, loved being with friends, loved watching my daughter run around the Christmas decorations in the mall and then stopping to pose for a picture. Just a great day all around. Hope yours is the same!

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