Thursday, December 29, 2005

Red Days

'Red Days' are HK's National Holidays. I must admit that when we moved and Mike lost his great vacation time I was bummed but these 'Red Days' make up for it. Since moving he's had at least three extra long weekends, extra days at Christmas and New Year's and Chinese New Year is yet to come. I just love these days when we can be together as a family and it's been very obvious that Isabella has enjoyed having Daddy home as well. We often take these days to explore HK, have friends over or just get necessary errands run that are much easier with another set of hands.

Today was one of those days. We headed to the market to buy Isabella a swimsuit and to a mall called 'Festival Walk' to buy a photography book so that I can make the most use out of my new camera. Then we remembered that we had invited a friend over so it was off to the grocery store (ok Mike did this on his own) for milk and brownies. (Now that we have our oven we can't stop making these... thanks Jack Bohman.)

I was totally bummed about not finding a swimsuit because I desparately want to take Isabella to our indoor pool so that she will be prepared for our vacation in Feb. Who knew that you would reach a point in HK where they don't sell them? But what a treat for Mike to find his favorite JCrew shirt for about $5 and a pair of '7 For All Mankind' jeans for me. It's always fun to get such great deals at the markets! Then it was off to the mall where I got some books to help me become a better photographer and Photoshop editor.

Our newest friend Josh joined us for dinner and what a blessing that was for me. He's a professional photographer and the one who took some great photos of the three of us a few weeks ago. We invited him to dinner to thank him but he ended up teaching me so much about my new camera and both Mike and I about Photoshop and just MAC computers in general. He's a very smart guy.

Isabella was a doll today. She usually is but today was incredible. She was so happy... smiling and giggling all day that you can't help but just watch and stare in awe of her. I pray all the time that she'll be one to find joy in everything and be able to smile and trust God in all situations. I want her to enjoy the life God has given her and continue to bring joy to others.

I began this blog to help me keep my focus on the blessings of each day and as I write this I am amazed at how each day God has done something... maybe not a great big thing... but something each day for me to be thankful about. The title is simple... 'Life's Little Blessings' and I chose this name because it helps me to have a positive outlook on life and it keeps me aware of what God does each day. I've got to get out of the mindset that God only does big things and remember that God is in EVERYTHING... big and small.

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Andrea* said...

Hi Melissa! Great blog~ I'll be checking in! HUGS for Isabella!