Thursday, December 22, 2005

Facials... a special blessing from God

I never dreamed that I would be the type of person who enjoys pampering myself. I've never had long fingernails (due to playing the piano) so I've never had a need (or so I thought) for a manicure. I've never wanted anyone to touch my feet so the desire for a pedicure was non-exsistant (until I was 9 months pregnant and wanting someone to massage my calves.) I'm not one to wear make-up on a regular basis so I've never thought a facial was necessary.
But my sweet husband felt I deserved a treat and for Mother's Day got me a gift certificate to a spa where I had a mani/pedicure and a massage. And it was all downhill from there. It felt so good to be pampered and to feel attractive in ways I hadn't experienced before. Unfortunately, I had to realize this was a treat for a special occassion and not something that we could afford on a regular basis.
A few months later we made our big move to Hong Kong and our Sr. Pastor's wife, Sharon, introduced me to Mrs. Sui. This woman will come into your flat and give you a private facial or massage. When I asked how much it cost, my mouth dropped and I realized what a special treat God was giving me... A chance to enjoy being pampered.
So Sharon called on Monday asking if I was up for a visit from Mrs. Sui and of course I said yes. I took this as a special blessing from God and made the decision to focus on Him as I experienced an 1 1/2 of pure bliss (especially since Isabella slept through most of it). I don't often get the chance to spend 1 1/2hrs with God so this was an added blessing. It was wonderful to pray for others, quote scripture, sing songs, and plan for future ministries.
Maybe this was God's way of saying... 'You've been worn down for too long so come rest and enjoy time with Me.' Maybe it was Him saying... 'You've been distant... Come focus on Me only.' Maybe it was none of the above. Either way, it was a special blessing and I have no doubt it came from Him.

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Mike said...

thanks for sharing your heart my love! you inspire me daily! i love you!