Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I've never doubted God's sense of humor and I'm so grateful that He shares that with us. Being new parents, we always can find something to laugh at whether it's something Isabella does or something one of us parents has done wrong. We've laughed over diapers put on the wrong way, clothing put on wrong, our daughter passing gas (either way) when it gets quiet, I could go on but today was a new one.

We were at the HK History Museum with some friends when Isabella got a bit fussy so I picked her up to hold her. When I did, I felt an unusual bump in her behind that made me a bit concerned. Concerned enough to put my hand down her pants (I know sounds disgusting..) to feel this lump. And that's when I busted into giggles at what I found.

[Mike offered to dress her on our bed so I brought him the outfit. He laughed at me for not bringing a change of socks (she was currently wearing red and her outfit was pink) but I insisted that I put them on the bed with her clothes. Instead of hunting for them, I just grabbed another pair and put them on. But in my mind, I wandered had my brain left me again? What did I do with those socks.]

So Mike asks.... What's so funny? And in my tears of laughter I explain that I found her socks. They must have gotten caught in her onsie and he didn't notice as he put on her pants. No wonder our daughter had been fussy... she was sitting on a big lump for over an hour!

May sound like a dumb story to you but it was something that made me giggle and brightened my day. I'm so thankful for the ability to find extreme joy in such little situations.

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