Sunday, November 02, 2008

Our story in pictures

This is Izzy with her buddies after Sunday School.  The little girl on the right is Kei Kei... a little girl who has become Izzy's church buddy... well girl church buddy I guess.  :)  Notice Isabella's fingers... a true Asian on our hands.

I'm feeling much better and am very anxious to get back to the fitness level I was before getting pregnant.  Mike has been busy preparing for the Trailwalker (a 100K hike) and I've been dying to go on part of this trail for awhile now so we tested out my abilities last week.  It was awesome and am so thankful that a hike like this exists out our back door.
And here's my handsome hubby
Halloween has become quite a deal over the past three years that we have been in HK.  Our first year, it was impossible to find costumes and pumpkins were about 100$ US dollars.  Now costumes are everywhere, decorations everywhere and pumpkins ranged in size and prices.  I had to take a picture of this... the big pumpkin is $1800 HK dollars which is about 230$ US.  Needless to say, Izzy will never have the pleasure of carving pumpkins while living here.
I've been dying to get back to Disney.  I just really like the atmosphere and the space to let Izzy run around and I always enjoy seeing her so happy.  She was happy but was not really interested in doing much.  She was even to shy to meet the princesses!  But she did enjoy her Mickey waffles.
A lady in the church has been wanting to take Isabella to the playroom at her club for quite some time now.  She's an older woman and I'm still feeling quite blessed that she thought to do this.  We had a great lunch and Isabella had a blast with all the new toys and gyms to climb on.  This picture is not of the playroom but a funny incident that happened there... she happened to get her pants all wet but the only clothes I had were Isaiah's.  The shorts she is wearing in the picture are a pair of his 3-6 month shorts!  The other amazing blessing in this picture is that kitchen!  Kitchen's here are either very expensive or very low quality and I actually was trying to get my mom to bring one with her when she came to visit later this month.  However, our church nursery was moved into the renovated office area and they didn't have any room left for the kitchen that was in there.  They were going to donate it to a playgroup but the group didn't need it so the nursery coordinator offered it to Isabella!  She LOVES it!
And this picture just makes me smile every time I look at it.  Our baby started to smile and they are so precious.  He is a happy baby... especially in the morning.  I snapped this picture right before I left for work last week.  Here's our little buddy.
Last week was quite crazy with the Reload lock-in, Awana camp, Disney, playdates, etc... I'm looking forward to a hopefully slightly less crazy week.  

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