Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bangkok and Hua Hin.... Here we come!!!

This next year is going to be awesome! We have plans for a family holiday in Thailand in January and I'm excited that we'll have 2 days in Bangkok... of which one is a Saturday and we can hit up the huge market! Then in April we'll be in Canada and the States for a quick visit and then the summer is our furlough and a possible missions trip back to Davao, Philippines! After a very long year, these trips are very much needed and appreciated. I feel very blessed on how God has provided. But I'm just so excited because we just finalized our plans to Thailand (I can already taste Dairy Queen) and to top it off in just 5 weeks we'll have 3 very special people with us! Wohoo!!!


Gaffney said...

For maybe the second time I am wishing we had gotten the Bangkok orders instead of lovely Hawaii. I wish we could have be there to host you!

JB and Iris said...

tag- you're it! http://heyhecocks.blogspot.com/2008/10/im-loved-or-at-least-my-blog-is.html