Thursday, November 06, 2008

Go Lycra Boys!

Mike heads out on his big 100K hike tomorrow morning at 9am. I'm very excited for him and the team in general. They've had a last minute guy join the team and I'm anxious to hear what he thinks. I get to run support for the 1st spot and am considering hiking the next stage with them but we'll see how the day goes... I really don't want to slow them down. Then I'll take the kids up to meet him the same place I did last year. It will be fun. I will keep the blog updated with hopefully some good pictures too.

Please pray for him and the team (Alex, Mark and Brian). Also pray for Tim (who is just running the course for fun) as well as Jill and ryan's team.. they begin at 2pm. Pray for good health, safety, and good relationships!

I'll be back in the am!

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