Friday, November 09, 2007

Stage 3 Completed

Seeing the guys walk out of the woods was so fun... I am so proud of all of them because I know they're pushing themselves and all the work that they've put into it.. just amazing. Sometimes it's not about the race itself but the discipline and hard work in training that's most important. But alas...

Shortly after 6pm they walked out completing stage 3... right on schedule. One of the members has been a bit sick so please pray for extra strength and energy for the next 12+ hours. It was fun to sit with them for a bit but it wasn't long that they headed onto to Stage four. The next rest is at about 10:30 and most likely not again until 6am. Mike was in really good spirits... having a blast and enjoying the challenge. His knee is beginning to bother him but he says it's only on the downhill and if he runs it.. he's okay.

Ahh.. it was so great, so inspiring to be able to see them at this point. And again I'm just so proud of Mike. The team is only allowed four people but there had been 5 training and since Mike was the last one to begin training with them... he's the one who's not officially in the race.. bascially this means that if he were to drop out it doesn't matter. The team has checkpoints that they cannot get through without all four memembers but Mike has freedom to do whatever. His attitude so impresses me that he's pushing himself, encouraging the other guys... simply because he wants to and he hasn't even considered dropping out... know that's motivation, dedication and I'm just so proud.

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