Friday, November 02, 2007

More pics..

Princess Cinderella
Izzy and Saytaki
Izzy and Soda
Handing out the goodies (Hunter, Jill, Mousumi, Soda and Izzy)

So last night was not fun... I don't know what happened to my baby but she was up crying out lots yet half the time was not even awake. I brought her into bed with us thinking that would help but no... she actually asked to go back into her room yet every time I was about to fall asleep, she woke up again. I finally pulled out some blankets and slept on the floor next to her. Needless to say, I napped with her this afternoon and am already drousy... just waiting for Mike to get home. She did have a fever today but it seems to have broken and she was asleep until I went in to move her toys off her bed and give her some actual sleeping space. LOL Now she's awake again and hungry. Ahhh....

So my interview/meeting seemed to go well today and we actually found a school for Izzy that I think she'd really like but now it's just figuring out what to do with her for an hour inbetween her and me getting home. So we'll see...

right now I'm just more concerned about a good nights sleep and her feeling better. :)

Just wanted to upload some more Disney and Halloween pics. Enjoy!

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