Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Squid and the likes...

Izzy loves her popsicles but they don't sell them in boxes here... just individually at the 7/11 so if she's been a good girl we take a walk to the Circle K and pray they have some. for some reason they always have the red bean but not orange and well... red bean dumpling... GOOD... red bean popsicle... BAD LOL

It's just one of those foods that I will not be able to stomach. I tried... and if I didn't have to look at it, I'd be okay. But the second I see some purple or little bumps... yeah even thinking about it makes me queesy. But anyway....

So today I finally got to take Izzy to a dr about her bumps. Turns out she has Molluscum Contagoiosum a type of pox... nothing serious but not very pretty. So anyway... the treatment options are 1. do nothing and hope it goes away quickly 2. use a cream 3. numb the areas and basically scrape them off. After our 5 minute consult with the Dr., he realized that the 3rd option (his preference) was not realistic for Izzy as she couldn't sit still and didn't care for him even touching her chin so we're going with the cream. I pray this works because if not, we'll have to attempt option 3 and it may take several tries. Letting it go isn't an option in my book as if they pop on their own, they scar and I don't want her chin/mouth area to be totally scarred. So anyway... we'll know in about 3 weeks if the cream is doing the trick. But let me say... that was the most expensive 5 minutes of my life! Crazy how much the consult cost for such a short time... though we didn't have to pay extra for the cream. :)

After the appointment, Adelina and Jayden met us for lunch. It was quite the experience and I'm very thankful for Adelina's patience and quick creativity as Izzy was a handful. I don't know what's gotten into her lately... she's not been sleeping well and on top of that not feeling well but my goodness... my patience is running thin this week. So anyway.... we had lunch at the flying pan and I just had to rub that into Mike because he LOVES that place. It's an American Breakfast place.. but anyway... I enjoyed waffles with strawberries and Izzy had (with Adelina's help) a huge bowl of oatmeal and bananas... just like her Daddy. Then we just walked around the island and had some great conversation.

Just 1 more day until Mike heads out to the mountains. I'm SO excited for him that it's all I can think about ... I even keep forgetting that we head out to Shanghai on Sunday.

Last night was Alpha and it was a great discussion on evil. Nicky Gumble (the Alpha video speaker) shared a statement that really grabbed my attention. He was explaing how the devil works and how we should deal with that and one thing he said was that sometimes we need to just say, 'I've escaped the darkness... I don't have to believe what you are saying.' Or something to that effect... lol... I can't remember word for word but the idea being... I've been forgiven, God loves me, I don't have to listen to what satan is saying. He was saying this in reference to when we know that the thoughts we are thinking aren't related to unconfessed sin but just satan trying to bring us down or make us feel unworthy... we just don't have to take that and sometimes we just need to say that and stop those thoughts. Anyway... it was quite interesting and I appreciated the simplicity of his words. Life is so different for me here and even after 2yrs I still struggle with my role and get down and self-conscience about the littlest things and this was a great reminder to me that I don't have to feel this way... I've been set free... I've been saved by the grace of God.

But alas.... I need to get to bed.

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