Sunday, May 18, 2008


The other day we were at PCC (a coffee shop) and Izzy was throwing things away when she looked down and saw some garbage that she couldn't reach. So she looked at Uncle David and said, 'Please give me the rubbish.' Rubbish???? What country is this girl from? :) I about died, I couldn't believe it but she does say quite a few words with more of a British accent but I guess that's what to be expected when the majority of westerners she's around are from the UK. I know this is totally random but I do not want to forget this... it was just priceless to me and it just makes me smile every time I think about.

It really excites me to know that she'll have such an amazing worldview if we continue to live overseas. And I constantly have to remind myself that all she knows is Hong Kong life... she has no understanding what it's like to live anywhere else and what differences in her childhood that will bring in comparison to mine. There are some things that I have a hard time dealing with (in regards to living overseas/in HK in particular) and her growing up but then there are so many amazing things that she'll get to experience/learn/etc... that I wouldn't change either.

I just pray that I will be sensitive to her in regards to what it's like growing up in HK and not expect her to be totally Americanized in her ways. That I will help her to see the amazing opportunities she has by living in a place like HK and help her to pursue those. That I will help her to understand why we are living in HK and that she would see the joy of following God wherever He leads and that she would follow Him in the same way.

So I guess for the next few years, I'll just enjoy watching what she picks up from others... what words she tends to use and how she says them, what foods she prefers, watching the relationships with friends develop and who she loves to spend time with, etc... and delight in how blessed she is to grow up in such a diverse city.

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