Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Isabella!!!

Well my baby is 3! I can hardly believe how fast time has gone and how quickly she is growing up. What a delight she is to have and I feel so blessed that God has placed her in my care. She has such a loving and tender heart. She's smart and curious, adventurous and outgoing. She makes friends with anyone and loves people. She's creative and lively and while she tires me out... I love that she loves to keep moving. I love that she loves being outside and being with people.

Each day I'm amazed at something new she has learned... whether it's something in Tagalog from Joan (she's been teaching her body parts), to a new song, or learning what the words 'Hong Kong Disneyland' look like. (haha) She can count to ten in both English and Cantonese and even higher in English with a bit of prompting. She knows her ABC's. She can usually tell me what she's learned at church and I'm constantly blessed by the songs she sings. Her conversation skills astound me on a regular basis... the words and sentences that come out of her mouth always make me smile. I love to listen to her stories and I absolutely love how she responds to my growing belly.

She starts school at the end of August and we just paid for her books, bags, uniform, etc and it brings tears to my eyes that it is time for that. I remember moving to HK and learning that even at just a few months, I needed to be researching schools and putting her on waiting lists, etc.. and I just refused. I always said, "I have plenty of time for that.' And here it is... 3yrs later already.

I wanted this year to be special for her. She understands what a 'birthday' is and I don't know what life will be like with 2 little ones so I wanted to celebrate big this year. We had a little birthday party with her friends on Sat morning and on Sunday we took her to Disney for two days. It pretty much rained the whole time at Disney but we made the most out of it and she got a lot of attention since there weren't as many people. She got to swim with Goofy, Mickey got her some special goodies at dinner, she met Prince 'Charlie' for the 1st time. Sleeping Beauty remembered her and her grandparents spoiled her with princess goodies. She loved every minute and had this expression of joy on her face all weekend.

It's exciting to me to think about the year ahead for her. She'll have so many new experiences that I'm anxious how it will change her, the things she will learn, how she will be as a big sister, etc. But I certainly do not wish for her to grow up too much too fast.

With Mickey at Dinner

With Cinderella and Prince 'Charlie' (her favorite princess)

Her Castle Cake 

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