Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swine Flu update

Well they've decided to end the school year for all kindergartens and primary schools. I have mixed feelings about this... Isabella will not be able to say good-bye to her friends, some of which may not be returning to her school next year but she is happy to be at home and playing. I don't know what this means for me and the two weeks I was to work in July. While it would be nice to be done early, I was counting on the pay for those two weeks. So we'll see...

I wasn't all that concerned about this but now that it's hit closer to home, I'm trying to be extra cautious... I don't want to risk getting sick and quarantined just in time for us to catch our flight back to the US. So I would greatly appreciate your prayers.

We had our beach trip with the school today and it was so much fun! Isabella had a blast and got to make lots of new friends. I was also quite blessed at the end when all the parents/children gathered to say good-bye to those leaving. I felt especially blessed when they got to me, they said they were still working on a way to keep me even more part-time. They know my reasons for leaving so they're trying to respect that but also find a way to keep me connected. I really appreciated it!

Tomorrow, Mike and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary. We're going to have a Thai dinner, go to prayer meeting and end with an evening of Transformers. Tomorrow is the opening in HK and we're going to see it at the IMAX. I'm hoping that CPK will stay opened long enough for me to get a piece of key lime pie for the movie. hehe

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