Friday, September 14, 2007

'Elmo's World'

I'm not sure why this ended up so dark but the voice is all you really need to hear. I absolutely love that she's starting to sing along with me. Her favorite song right now is 'My God is so Big' and of course 'Elmo's World.' She's also become a big fan of the Wonder Pets. Not sure why but I have my cleaning time in the morning where she's allowed to watch Blues Clues and Dora but they are only on Mon-Wed so today was Wonder Pets and that's all she was interested in when we were printing out some coloring pages. Oh well....

Hope this makes you smile as much as it does me!

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Rachel Benz said...

How sweet! Addie likes the Wonder Pets, too but they annoy me a little. I love it when kids sing! It's great. Addie sings along to God of Wonders on her Bob and Larry CD and it almost makes me cry.